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If you’ve ever owned an antique home or cottage you understand that the feeling within them is unique. In other words, they seem to retain the personalities of previous owners.

For instance, my first home was a stone gatehouse that at one time served as the gatekeeper’s cottage to a large estate. The large estate had burned to the ground in the late 1700s. The cottage was on the National Historic Register, known as “Hessian Hills” as it existed prior to the Revolutionary War. The location was in Croton-on-Hudson, NY, and during the Revolutionary War, the Hessian Soldiers had camped on the property.

As an example of a historic home retaining the feeling of previous owners, the cottage still had the original windows and fireplace. There was a cast-iron sign from the 1700s with the name of the cottage on it and there were carvings scratched into some of the woodwork. While living there one of the previous owners frequently visited and shared stories of her ownership and those of previous owners. Because it was a historic home, most people were aware of it and loved sharing stories.

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