Energy Efficient and Totally Unique Earth Sheltered, Bermed or Underground Homes

Earth Sheltered homes, also known as bermed homes means that the house is partially below ground, where the earth or dirt covers a portion of the walls. The earth is built-up (or bermed) around and sometimes on top of the structure so that you can often walk right onto the roof. Many owners of earth-sheltered homes, use the roof to build a “living or green roof garden”.

The main component of an earth-sheltered home is its infrastructure. Being built out of concrete, the home’s temperature will mimic closely the internal temperature of the soil so that the ground acts as a blanket. For example, If the soil in your area has a consistent temperature of 50 degrees you would expect your home to remain at a steady 50 degrees. Making heating the home much easier and affordable such that you are heating or cooling from a base temperature of approximately 50 degrees. This dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs! We’ve had a good number of these homes listed and have seen the monthly electric bills that are often less than $20 per month!

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