Self-Sufficient, Prepper, and Off-Grid Homes

Homes designed for self-sufficient living, for preppers, or for enjoying living off the grid, sometimes rely on alternative energy and enhanced security systems. These properties can be located in remote locations because they don’t rely on being connected to a community electrical system. They often include ample room for supply storage.

Since the pandemic more and more buyers are seeking Self-Sufficient, Prepper, and Off-Grid Homes

Living in a socially distanced environment, away from cities and crowds is trending now, causing an unprecedented housing shortage in small towns.

Buyers are more open to unconventional-style homes, with plenty of storage for supplies. The prepper lifestyle is in vogue with recent studies estimating that there are more than 20 million preppers worldwide.

Finding a home designed for self-sufficient living is getting easier.

self-sufficient, prepper and off-grid living is required on this piece of remote land.

A recent BBC article —

Why ‘preppers’ are going mainstream

By Manuela Saragosa  BC News

states that “There are now between five and 15 million peppers in the US alone. Bradley Garrett, a social geographer at University College Dublin and author of Bunker: Building for End Times, agrees with this figure and says worldwide there are now 20 million preppers.

“I saw a kind of insatiable desire for self-sufficiency and safety in this age of uncertainty,” Dr. Garrett says, during his research. “It was interesting to me how culturally and politically diverse they were; it was strangely one of the few communities that we find today that really is not partisan.”

The focus instead is on learning survival skills, such as water purification techniques, basic medical care, and how to power your electrical devices without access to the electricity grid, he says.