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  • Brenda! This is beautiful! Thank you for your work and attention to detail. Great layout and formatting. This is above and beyond what I expected. 

    Jane M. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Thank you! Your site really brings the perfect unique buyers! What a blessing! 

    Beth P (For Sale by Owner)
  • Good morning Brenda, We have sold our home! Full price cash offer no contingencies what-so-ever! I am so happy, I can't begin to tell you.  I appreciate all you have done. I will most certainly recommend your service and site.

    Patricia E. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Dear Brenda, You have gone above the call of duty. Very impressed with your personal work and touch...

    Elizabeth S (For Sale by Owner)
  • What a magnificent ad – Wow! Thank you, Brenda, for your wizardry!

    Walter (For Sale by Owner)
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. Your description of the property brought many potential buyers to the house. So many people saw it and it sold for 20K over the asking price! I still have been getting calls. I think your description helped in getting an above-asking offer. 
    Pat (For Sale by Owner)
  • It looks beautiful.  You did a fantastic job.  I am very impressed. I can't thank you enough for the effort.  I could not be more pleased.

    Rich (For Sale By Owner)
  • I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you provided along the way.  If it hadn't been for you I don't know that I would have gotten so far in the process. You gave me so much encouragement early on, and every time I called you'd answer. That meant the world to me. 
    Monique (For Sale By Owner)
  • Thank You!!! You are a Master Marketer. The response was immediate! You might teach a course on marketing Brenda! I would definitely be first in line. 

    Patsy N (Keller Williams Broker)
  • Brenda, you did WONDERFULLY  in the listing's description.  THANK YOU SO - for your "belief" & ENTHUSIASM   about our property listing.

    N. Kuhn and Family (For Sale by Owner)
  • Really, you stand out like a shining star in terms of professionalism, efficiency, enthusiasm, and care. I would love to sell the house through you for these reasons. Best wishes!


    Fran G (For Sale by Owner)
  • I just love the way you put your pages together. You take the time to really read and get a feel and take the  high points.  That is so rare and makes you exceptional!  We are blessed to have you. Thank you so very much~
    Faith L (Keller Williams Agent)
  • You are Awesome! My seller loved what you did!
    Meg L. (Edina Realty Agent)
  • Thank you for your integrity and for the work you spent on my file.

    Guy L. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Again you do amazing work!

    Julie D.  (Keller Williams)
  • I certainly appreciate your careful attention to our listing with you 🙂 

    Angela B (For Sale by Owner)
  • Looks beautiful as always!

    Faith L.  (Keller Williams Agent)
  • This was such an easy process and I appreciate all of your help!

    Dustin B (Agent)
  • WOW! I’m impressed with the results. Thank you so very much!

    Pat (For Sale by Owner)
  • Our house is scheduled to close on Friday!  🙂  Thank you for all that you did. It helped me by your telling me to “let go”.  It was hard!  

    Bethany M (For Sale by Owner)
  • I never expected you to work this hard for what it cost me.  Thank you. You are a classy company.

    Sam (For Sale by Owner)
  • Hi, Brenda,  I wanted to let you know that we have accepted the offer on our house! Thank you so much for your hard work on marketing the property to the world! 

    Carl (For Sale by Owner)
  • Looks great Brenda and exceeded my expectations. Glad I came across your website!

    Matt (Better Homes Realty Agent)

View Our Unique Homes for Sale

Atlanta Artists RetreatActive

Atlanta Artists Retreat

1646 Eastport Terrace
Atlanta, Georgia 30317

  • 3Beds
  • 2Baths
  • 1,529Square Feet

Landmark Historic Estate

5595 US Highway 278
Hokes Bluff, Alabama 35903

  • 6Beds
  • 4 Full, 1 HalfBaths
  • 5,432Square Feet

Red Barn Home & Guesthouse

33 W Jefferson Rd
Pittsford, New York 14534

  • 6Beds
  • 4 Full, 2 HalfBaths
  • 3,408Square Feet
Asheville Area Dream Acreage pastureland view.Active

Asheville Area Dream Acreage

101 + 206 Sumner Drive
Arden, North Carolina 28704


Home Rehab Opportunity

401 Lookout Ave.
Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022

  • 3Beds
  • 1 Full, 1 HalfBaths
  • 2,800Square Feet

Amazing Waterfront Luxury – Eco-Friendly

1920 S. Springdale Road
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53146

  • 6Beds
  • 6Baths
  • 5,500Square Feet
Converted barn homeActive

Converted Barn Home

51241 866 Rd
Orchard, Nebraska 68764

  • 3Beds
  • 2Baths
  • 3,800Square Feet
Canadian Prepper's HouseActive
CDN $1,200,000

The Prepper’s House in Canada

8 Stonehouse Lane
Lower St Mary's,, New Brunswick

  • 3Beds
  • 1Baths
  • 2000Square Feet
Early firehouse commercial opportunity!Active

Historic Firehouse Commercial Opportunity

700 West 18th St
Connersville, Indiana 47331

  • 1Beds
  • 1 Full, 2 HalfBaths
  • 2,600Square Feet
A Round in the Woods eteriorActive
$295,000 FIRM

Water Tank Possible Home

Burkett Ave (TBD)
West Jefferson, NC 28694

  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Round 32’ tall x 28’ base diameterSquare Feet
Sherpenjewel a usvi luxury st thomas homeActive

Luxury USVI Waterfront Home on Magens Bay

Magens Bay
St Thomas, USVI, ST 00802

  • 5Beds
  • 7Baths
  • 10,561Square Feet
Converted Sanctuary Home in a small town.Active

Converted Sanctuary Home

1222 Millington St.
Winfield, Kansas 6156

  • 5Beds
  • 3 Full, 1 HalfBaths
  • 7000Square Feet

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Great example of an bed-breakfast-airbnbs
Converted churches are sought after. This is a great example of one.
Great example of an earth-sheltered-bermed or underground home.
Great example of a historic home.
Small mountain horse farms.
Rustic log home exterior.
Great example of the many modern and eclectic homes for sale.
Great example of an unusual luxury property.
Great example of a prepper home!
Aerial view of a unique waterfront homes.
This floating chapel is a great example of other unusual properties for sale.
Mountaintop land and acreage in NC

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Like you, I have owned many unique homes for sale.  As a buyer, I was frustrated working with traditional real estate firms who couldn’t comprehend that I was searching for a unique property, so they continuously showed me standard and mundane properties fitting within the narrow confines of their local MLS.

When I was ready to sell my unique homes, I discovered that traditional firms lacked the knowledge, skills, and experience to market unusual properties, so, I took my years of marketing expertise gained as Director of Marketing of the New York Stock Exchange, combined this with a real estate license to fill the much-needed gap in the real estate industry, and voila! Special “Finds…” was born!  

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