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OVER 75,000 UNIQUE HOME BUYERS VISIT SPECIALFINDS.COM EACH MONTH SEARCHING FOR ONE-OF-A-KIND PROPERTIES! is a critically important place to be noticed by unique home buyers. For 30 years we have promoted only unique properties. We present the unique aspects of your property in the best light to our global followers. 

  • I just wanted again to say Thank You! The speed and alacrity with which you were able to construct the site is positively astounding. In this day and age it is rare enough to find general competency, let alone the kind of excellence, speed and quality exhibited in Special Finds. I’m more impressed than I’ve been in years in any venue. Thanks again from the bottom and top of my heart. You are amazing!

    Creed T. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Your site has proven to be a valuable tool in selling my home. Thank you, Brenda!

    Laura R. (For Sale by Owner)
  • I will always remember the generous help you gave me when selling the yurts!
    Tom Hess (For Sale by Owner)
  • I am impressed with how many leads I have already received from your site!

    L Poole (Agent)
  • Thank you Brenda for your help! We sold this last week!!! Every great lead came from your site! Worth every Penny or advertising with you! 
    Beth Packard (For Sale by Owner)
  • Brenda! This is beautiful! Thank you for your work and attention to detail. Great layout and formatting. This is above and beyond what I expected. 

    Jane M. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Thank you! Your site really brings the perfect unique buyers! What a blessing! 

    Beth P (For Sale by Owner)
  • Good morning Brenda, We have sold our home! Full price cash offer no contingencies what-so-ever! I am so happy, I can't begin to tell you.  I appreciate all you have done. I will most certainly recommend your service and site.

    Patricia E. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Dear Brenda, You have gone above the call of duty. Very impressed with your personal work and touch...

    Elizabeth S (For Sale by Owner)
  • What a magnificent ad – Wow! Thank you, Brenda, for your wizardry!

    Walter (For Sale by Owner)
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. Your description of the property brought many potential buyers to the house. So many people saw it and it sold for 20K over the asking price! I still have been getting calls. I think your description helped in getting an above-asking offer. 
    Pat (For Sale by Owner)
  • It looks beautiful.  You did a fantastic job.  I am very impressed. I can't thank you enough for the effort.  I could not be more pleased.

    Rich (For Sale By Owner)
  • I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you provided along the way.  If it hadn't been for you I don't know that I would have gotten so far in the process. You gave me so much encouragement early on, and every time I called you'd answer. That meant the world to me. 
    Monique (For Sale By Owner)
  • Thank You!!! You are a Master Marketer. The response was immediate! You might teach a course on marketing Brenda! I would definitely be first in line. 

    Patsy N (Keller Williams Broker)
  • Brenda, you did WONDERFULLY in the listing's description. THANK YOU SO - for your "belief" & ENTHUSIASM  about our property listing.

    N. Kuhn and Family (For Sale by Owner)
  • Really, you stand out like a shining star in terms of professionalism, efficiency, enthusiasm, and care. I would love to sell the house through you for these reasons. Best wishes!

    Fran G (For Sale by Owner)
  • I just love the way you put your pages together. You take the time to really read and get a feel and take the  high points.  That is so rare and makes you exceptional!  We are blessed to have you. Thank you so very much~
    Faith L (Keller Williams Agent)
  • You are Awesome! My seller loved what you did!
    Meg L. (Edina Realty Agent)
  • Thank you for your integrity and for the work you spent on my file.

    Guy L. (For Sale by Owner)
  • Again you do amazing work!

    Julie D.  (Keller Williams)
  • I certainly appreciate your careful attention to our listing with you 🙂 

    Angela B (For Sale by Owner)
  • Looks beautiful as always!

    Faith L.  (Keller Williams Agent)
  • This was such an easy process and I appreciate all of your help!

    Dustin B (Agent)
  • WOW! I’m impressed with the results. Thank you so very much!

    Pat (For Sale by Owner)
  • Our house is scheduled to close on Friday!  🙂  Thank you for all that you did. It helped me by your telling me to “let go”.  It was hard!  

    Bethany M (For Sale by Owner)
  • I never expected you to work this hard for what it cost me.  Thank you. You are a classy company.

    Sam (For Sale by Owner)
  • Hi, Brenda,  I wanted to let you know that we have accepted the offer on our house! Thank you so much for your hard work on marketing the property to the world! 

    Carl (For Sale by Owner)
  • Looks great Brenda and exceeded my expectations. Glad I came across your website!

    Matt (Better Homes Realty Agent)

Homeowners and Agents — List a unique home or unusual property on We specialize in attracting buyers for special properties. Use our inexpensive real estate marketing program to Be Seen by our Audience of Unique Home Buyers.

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Barn Homes
Barn Homes
Great example of an bed-breakfast-airbnbs
Bed & Breakfast or Airbnb's
Chateaus a Castles
Castles and Chateaus
Pretty red converted church.
Churches For Sale
Great example of a bermed, earth sheltered home.
Earth Sheltered or Bermed Homes
floating chapel houseboat
Floating Homes and Houseboats
Fly-in Homes
Fly-in Homes
Stnning Victorian historic home.
Historic Homes & Cottages
Unique country horse farm with large acreage.
Horse Farms & Large Ranches
Beautiful log home in the country.
Log & Rustic Homes
Great example of an unusual luxury property.
Luxury Unique Homes
Great example of a modern or eclectic home.
Modern & Eclectic Homes
Off-Grid & Prepper Homes
Off-Grid and Prepper Homes
Quonset Huts & Steel Homes
Quonset Huts & Steel Homes
Waterfront, Waterview Homes
Waterfront, Waterview Homes
Other  Unusual Properties
Other Unusual Properties
Land & Acreage
Land & Acreage
Commercial Properties
Commercial Properties

If you are selling a converted church, French chateau, barn home, underground, bermed or earth sheltered house, a prepper home or an off-grid home, a houseboat or ultra-modern, historic, or some type of unusual property that just doesn’t fit the standard mold, post your home for sale on our site. We are a repository of unusual properties from around the world. Listing your unusual property here will put it in front of our worldwide audience of house-hunters. Your property page will be translated into the buyer’s language so that they can understand the details. If you are interested in attracting buyers for your unique property, sell your unique home here!

Post your house for sale on our site in order to gain access to our huge audience of unique home buyers. We have followers from around the world waiting for unique homes to appear on our site. It’s easy to sell a unique house on

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Fourthly, we’ll reveal your eye-catching and compelling property advertisement to the world!

If you are a homeowner with a unique home to sell this is the place to be seen by house hunters looking for unusual houses. If you are an agent who has a property that requires extra care and attention, can help. Let us craft a webpage for your property and place it in front of our huge audience of buyers!

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Exterior of the Tin Can Quonset Hut