Churches for Sale

More and more people are seeking church houses for sale. 

If living in a subdivision or community with a homeowners association is not your thing; If you are seeking to live in an unconventional living space, you might consider purchasing a church house which offers architectural elements that are often challenging to find and expensive to purchase, relocate, and install.

Finding a church to make your next home can be challenging but may be getting easier.

Studies show that a staggering number of churches close their doors each year. It is estimated that somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 churches per year close in the United States alone! This leaves many churches, often abandoned that could be converted into stunning and unusual church homes.

In his book “Abandoned America” photographer Matthew Christopher pictorializes many abandoned church buildings around the USA. This small church pictured to the left is located in Bodie, California. It might make a perfect church home!

Your Church Home Doesn’t have to be in a Busy Location 

More often than not, churches that are no longer being used are located in rural areas. When in operation, they may have had a small congregation that was combined with another church. I lived in an area where there were three churches all served by the same minister.  Each church had less than fifteen members so the minister had three services every Sunday.  Eventually, one of the churches was sold and the other two merged.  One church sits empty today. All three of these structures were small country churches and all near, but not inside housing subdivisions. The land where the churches were located was valuable because of its proximity to the subdivisions. Each would have made a nice church house.

Churches often already include architectural features like stained-glass windows with unusual arched or Gothic window frames that allow an enormous amount of light into a room. It’s common to find huge wood beams and a large sanctuary that would serve as a really great room! If you are lucky you can find a church with a painted ceiling and even chandeliers! Often a church will contain a commercial kitchen. All these elements create the potential for an amazing church house conversion.

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