Private Patagonia Kingdom

Fog lifting over the Private Patagonia Kingdom
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  • $8,900,000
  • Location:
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3
  • Lot Sq Ft: 20,489,234 Sq Meters
  • Acres: 5,063

Private Patagonia Kingdom, Aysen, Chile

Private Patagonia Kingdom, Aysen, Chile        

Introducing an exclusive and secure sanctuary in the heart of Patagonia – a vast expanse of 5,063 acres nestled within an untouched, pristine corner of our planet. This remarkable property transcends the notion of land for sale; it’s your gateway to a private Patagonian kingdom, an ultimate haven where nature and serenity converge. There is a myriad of facets and possibilities awaiting within this unparalleled haven.

A Patagonian Paradise: Spanning over 5,000 acres, this extraordinary property is an oasis amid Patagonia’s breathtaking landscape. Discover towering mountains, meandering rivers, unspoiled forests, and sprawling meadows – a true embodiment of Patagonia’s natural beauty.

Unparalleled Privacy: The property exudes the essence of an island, providing unrivaled seclusion and exclusivity. It is a tranquil refuge, allowing you to retreat from the demands and uncertainties of the outside world.

Virgin Wilderness: Patagonia is renowned for its pristine wilderness; this property is no exception. It is a living testament to nature’s grandeur, teeming with diverse wildlife, from the majestic condors soaring overhead to elusive pumas and guanacos roaming freely.

A Safe Refuge: In an era where safety and security are paramount, this property offers an unmatched sense of protection and peace. Its isolation ensures a retreat where you can find solace and security, far removed from the complexities of modern life.

Endless Possibilities: Whether you’re an adventurer seeking exhilarating escapades or an individual in pursuit of tranquility, this land offers boundless opportunities. Explore hiking trails through ancient forests, fish in pristine rivers, or simply savor the serene beauty of your surroundings.

Eco VIP Village: Imagine transforming this land into an Eco VIP Village, a development project that blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings. Create a sustainable, eco-friendly community that respects the environment and enhances the region’s allure.

Glacier View Houses: Imagine constructing Glacier View Houses that offer breathtaking vistas of the surrounding glaciers, enhancing the property’s allure and appeal.

Already in Place!

A Main Lodge, plus two Loft-style Lodges with private baths and Glacier Views, and a 10-person Dormitory Lodge

A Main Lodge

Dining room opens to the living room
Kitchen brand name appliances* (low energy) (Bosch, Roller Grill, De Dietrich)
Living room connected to dining room
Bedrooms no
Bathroom one, (1/2 bath)

Heat –  Ceramic wall unit and a stunning hanging woodstove with 4-sided glass to display the fire inside

Loft-style Lodges

Two separate “Loft-style” units with combined sleeping/sitting/guest area and walk-in closet.
Full bath with jacuzzi tub, titanium shower surround with pulsing dual shower heads
River rock flooring
Cabinet-style wood stove

A 10-person Dormitory Lodge

The dormitory was initially designed to house workers. It includes a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and four small rooms, each equipped with satellite access. Additionally, there is a garage on the property for agricultural machinery.

Live off-grid with your own fully functional hydroelectric power station.

Conservation Commitment: As the guardian of this land, you have the privilege of contributing to its conservation and preservation. Your ownership can protect Patagonia’s unique ecosystems and ensure their longevity.

Exclusive Ownership: This private Patagonia kingdom isn’t just property; it’s a legacy. Owning this expanse means possessing a fragment of one of the last true wildernesses on Earth – a testament to your devotion to nature and heritage for generations to come.

Retreat and Healing Centre: Establish a Retreat and Healing Centre, offering individuals a sanctuary for rejuvenation and introspection. Capitalize on the tranquil ambiance and pristine landscapes to facilitate physical and spiritual healing.

Touristic Destination: Capitalize on the property’s immense touristic potential. Develop it into a sought-after destination, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of Patagonia.

Green Investment: This is not just an acquisition; it’s a green investment in the future. By owning this property, you are investing in a sustainable and environmentally responsible project.

Bio Plantation: Harness the fertile land for sustainable agriculture, creating a bio plantation that contributes to local food production and sustainability.

Secure Your Future: In times of uncertainty, securing your future is paramount. Invest in this safe, beautiful haven that not only offers peace of mind but also the potential for sustainable growth and development.

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Price: $8,900,000
Address:Villa Amengual
Year Built:2015
Lot Square Feet:20,489,234 Sq Meters
Lot size:20,489,234 Square Meters

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