Checklist for Selling Your House – 2022

Use a Checklist to Get Your House Ready for Listing!

Whether you are selling as a for sale by owner (FSBO) or using a real estate agent, you want to have your house ready to go. The real estate market has been crazy these past few years! Getting your house ready to sell can be overwhelming. Using the attached checklist for selling your house is critically important.

Buyers make a decision to buy usually within the first seven seconds of being on your property!! Seven Seconds!!

I have shared the attached checklist with thousands of sellers and used it myself when selling my own homes. To use the checklist properly, follow the steps below BEFORE YOU HAVE PICTURES TAKEN! This is so important as pictures of your home will be all over the Internet. When you place your home on the market, you will have a lot of competition. You need to stand out to get attention. If your pictures are unappealing, you will get less buyer interest.

See Your Property from the Buyer’s Perspective

Be open minded and try to see your property the way a buyer will see it. 

First — Take a walk from the end of your driveway or from across the street. Look at the exterior and “see” what a buyer will see. You may have become blind to many items —

Are there cracks in your driveway or would a load of fresh gravel make a huge difference? Does the grass need to be cut? Are there dead bushes or would adding new bushes or flowers make a difference? Are there dangerous or fallen trees? Do the deck railings need to be painted or are they loose? Is pressure washing necessary? Are steps rotted, uneven, or loose? Are windows cracked?

Next, pretend you are being escorted by a real estate agent to your front door —

Where could you place attractive pots or flowers that will attract a buyer’s eyes? Move trash cans or other unsightly items from your entrance view. Is your front porch or doorway in good condition? Is it welcoming or might a small table with a lamp be attractive? If the weather permits, is there an inviting place for a buyer to sit and linger? Is the doorbell operable? Does the door open easily and quietly?

Next, walk inside. Use your senses to see, smell, hear, and feel what a buyer will notice — 

Are there cobwebs or dust? Are the windows dirty? How does the house smell upon entering? Does it smell musty or moldy, or smell of pets or smoke? All rooms should smell fresh. Is it uncomfortably cold or unpleasantly hot and humid? Consider turning on TV’s to show an attractive scene rather than just leaving them black.

Finally, use my free checklist for selling a house. It’s only a start as your house and property will have different needs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a buyer will just make an offer unless you are willing to give up a great deal of money.

Go through your property, starting from the outside, and address as much as you can. Assign tasks to others who are willing to help. Consider having a home inspection beforehand and take care of any items that a buyer will discover. Be sure to disclose required items.

 Once you have your property looking the way you like it, it’s time to call a professional photographer or agent!


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Exterior of the Tin Can Quonset Hut
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