How to Sell a Unique Home

How to Sell a Unique Home

How to Sell a Unique Home

If you’ve ever owned a unique property, or unusual home, you understand the concerns with selling. You know that, even though everyone who has visited your place loved it, they might not have had the courage to buy it. So how do you sell a unique property?  How do you attract a unique buyer for a unique home?

It comes down to the way you advertise!

Unusual houses appeal to a different audience of buyers. There are buyers out there, specifically looking for something different, something uncommon — a unique property.

I, myself, fell into that category.  I couldn’t describe the property I was looking for, because I hadn’t seen it.  I just knew that I didn’t want a cookie-cutter house.

After buying my first home, a stone gatehouse, overlooking the Hudson River in NY, I realized there must be other buyers like me.  That’s why I started Special “Finds…”, where we sell only unusual properties.

Unique property buyers are different from other buyers because they buy purely on emotions, they focus on the “facts” later — after they have connected emotionally with the property.  So your agent needs to advertise the things that a unique property buyer will relate to.

Here’s an example of an ad I wrote from one of my previous listings:

The ad describes the history of this once forgotten Special “Find…”. This unique property had multiple offers and sold within 3 days.

Nostalgia Cottage 

tips on how to sell a unique home.The screen door slams as a child dashes in one door then out another.  Laughter echoes throughout the house as children play hide-‘n-seek on the lawn.  Grown-ups sip iced tea in rockers on the wraparound porch.  A gingham cloth drapes picnic tables where lemonade and cakes tempt nibbling from passersby.  Nostalgia Cottage has lived a rich social history where friends and community gathered annually for various occasions.  Built in 1908 by the well-known Tanner family, she sits back from the road on approximately 3 acres.  Freshly painted bright white, with new roof and significant infrastructural updates, she is well on her way to renovation.  Her sturdy walls hold a history of warmth, love, and pride, obvious in the detail of some of the original features still remaining — oak flooring cut from the trees on the Tanner farm, original trim and framework, plaster walls in the foyer, soaring 11-foot ceilings, 4 freshly painted bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The kitchen is all original and needs complete cosmetic renovation, yet the space is large with separate breakfast room.  This property is a ready-and waiting-canvas within walking distance to shopping, dining and medical facilities.  With some 2800 square feet, she would make a wonderful B&B.

Ask your agent to describe your property “emotionally”, so that a buyer can feel the “history” of the property, or how it is to live on your property, and in your home, from wherever they are, while they’re reading your property advertisement.

That’s what we do, at Special “Finds…”.  And it works!

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Exterior of the Tin Can Quonset Hut
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