Choosing a Swimming Pool Liner Color

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What is the best choice for a Swimming Pool Liner Color?

Recently, the owners of one of our luxury historic homes decided to investigate replacing the vinyl liner of their heated inground swimming pool to stretch out the time the pool could be used. The sellers looked at the benefits associated with choosing a different liner colors, specifically dark blue versus light blue.

This property sits is in the mountains of western North Carolina in the charming college town of Sylva. It is located less than an hour west of Asheville, and like Asheville, this property enjoys four distinct seasons – a short winter, long warm spring, short hot summer, and long warm fall. 

The sellers have a large family. Children and grandchildren are frequent visitors and spend much time splashing in the pool.  In their quest for a different swimming pool liners, they discovered the following pros and cons:

Cleanliness — A light swimming pool liner color will show more dirt. The aqua colored liner that they had previously was seldom dirty, but any leaves or dirt in the pool caused it to appear dirty, especially as debris beneath the water became magnified.

light swimming pool liner color at this home


dark swimming pool liner color at this home


Temperature — One of the biggest advantages attributed to their new dark swimming pool liner color is that it absorbs the heat from the sun as opposed to their former light color pool liner that reflected the sun.

Energy Savings — This pool has a new gas heater but because of the new dark swimming pool liner color, the heater is not used as often and definitely reduces gas usage!

Aerial view of historic luxury home with dark swimming pool liner color.Bottom line, they love the new dark swimming pool liner color. Aesthetically, the pool blends beautifully with the home’s exterior. The pool is much more inviting and has a more relaxing appearance!  

Learn more about this house and amazing property that is currently for sale for $865,000: 

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