Real Estate in Asheville

Real Estate in Asheville

Real Estate in Asheville

Real estate in Asheville NC offers a wide variety of property styles for virtually every buyer.

You can find just about any type of home you are interested in. In all areas of Asheville, you’ll find unique homes. If you desire an open concept, you might prefer a contemporary or modern style. This type of home has been around the Asheville area for years, going back to the 1960s. But, there are lots of new, open-concept, modern-style homes being built all over Asheville. This isn’t limited to residential properties, many of the new commercial buildings are being constructed in an ultra-modern style.

If you’re looking for a log or rustic home, you’ll find plenty. Real Estate in Asheville provides such a variety. Because Asheville is located in the mountains, with lots of trees, log cabins are a natural fit. They blend beautifully with the land, and are often on low-maintenance grounds, meaning you won’t spend your Saturdays weed-eating and mowing! Log homes can feel intimate and warm inside while, at the same time, being an open and airy design.

If you are interested in a waterfront home, you can find lakes, rivers, and bold, crystal-clear mountain streams in the Asheville area.  The French Broad River runs through the Asheville area offering activities for boaters, paddlers, and fishermen. There are lots of areas with homes on the French Broad River.  Mills River flows south of Asheville.  Beaver Lake is located in north Asheville, and Enka (Biltmore) Lake is located just west of Asheville. These are just a few of the waterfront locations that would appeal to a buyer looking for Real Estate in Asheville. Farmhouses are in abundance once you get out in the country, and as the city of Asheville expands, you can find a few farmhouses closer to the city.  You can find lots of horse properties north, south, east and west of Asheville.

Whatever your style preference,  whatever area appeals most to you,  real estate in Asheville is certain to provide what you’re looking for.


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Exterior of the Tin Can Quonset Hut

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