Use your property’s uniqueness to attract a buyer.  Our unique home marketing services are designed to make your property stand out from the crowd and get you noticed… and get you sold!

Brenda Thompson, Unique Home Marketing Expert

Brenda Thompson, Unique Home Marketing Expert

Every house I’ve ever owned has been unique, from a stone gatehouse on the Hudson River in New York to a post & beam home with colored bottles embedded in the walls in North Carolina. My personal experiences as a buyer and then as a seller planted the idea leading to the opening of Special “Finds…” in 1995.

Like you, I have owned many unique properties. When I was ready to sell them, I discovered that traditional real estate firms and their agents lacked basic marketing skills. They had no knowledge of how to sell a unique home or how to get a unique property sold. So, I took my years of marketing expertise gained as Director of Marketing of the New York Stock Exchange, combined this with a real estate license to fill the much-needed gap in the real estate industry, and voila! Special “Finds…” was born!

I would like to help you sell your unique property.  You own a Special “Find…” and a professional marketing campaign is needed to get it sold. It takes true creativity and broad exposure to sell a unique house. Special “Finds…” is a real estate company, but more than that, we are professional marketers — going far beyond simply placing an ad in the local MLS.  

Marketing your unique home in a sea of cookie-cutter houses is a sure way to get no attention. Expecting buyers to notice your unique home using traditional methods is like asking them to notice a needle in a haystack. It takes a special approach to market your special home and to attract the buyer looking for a unique property just like yours. Our unique home marketing services can help you advertise your property to attract the right buyers willing to pay your price.

We design individual marketing campaigns for our unique property listings. Your campaign would involve multiple stages. First, we identify the most likely buyer, then create a name for the property directed to that buyer, craft a compelling “property story” to attract the buyer and then advertise your property nationally and around the globe

The “property story” is just one of our trademark approaches. It is widely successful. Your custom crafted property story will bring your unique property to life.  Buyers will be able “feel” what it is like to live in your home and on your grounds. They will be “emotionally transported” through your property from wherever they are.

We then advertise your property across our network – continuously in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, Dupont Registry, Mansion Global, International Herald and more than 120 additional international digital websites.

At Special “Finds…”, we are marketing professionals, then Realtors®.  We focus entirely on the marketing of unique real estate. We are an ad agency for unusual homes. Let us help you sell your unique home. 

I’ve designed a package of unique home marketing services to spread the word and get your property noticed and get it sold!

Is Our Unique Home Marketing Right for You?  – Email Me! brenda@specialfinds.com

We Craft Your “Property Story”

Purchasing a home is a highly emotional and very personal decision.  We’ll compose your “Property Story” to appeal to the emotions of a buyer.

Buyers will be able “feel” what it’s like to live in your house, and on your grounds.  They will be “emotionally transported” through your property.

“World-Class Advertising in World-Class Online Publications”

Your unique home marketing campaign will consist of far more than simply placing it in the MLS. For the entire length of your listing, your property will be featured online in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, Mansion Global and duPont Registry. *

“Expose Your Property to Foreign Buyers”

Foreign buyers spent over $153 billion on residential properties in the US  in 2017. We take foreign purchases seriously. Your unique home marketing campaign will reach a global audience with over 120 international ad placements in China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, Germany and more. Learn more…

Place Your Home “In Front of Unique Home Buyers” on Our Beautiful Website

Reveal the best aspects and unique features of your unusual property.  Our global following of Unique Home Buyers is waiting to see your home.

Your Special Find will be placed in a category of similar type homes making it easy for buyers to find.

Your Own “E-Brochure”

Engage buyers with your own media e-brochure.  Complete with your Property Story, your e-magazine becomes instantly available to active readers in every corner of the globe, from their computer as well as any mobile device.


“Mass Media Campaign”

Put your property actively in front of house hunters on social media sites including Facebook and  YouTube.  Your unique home marketing campaign will include a fullscreen HD Video Tour with a dazzling Google Earth Aerial Video Fly-Over as well as a stunning Facebook Video Page all devoted to getting your property sold.

Add your property to SpecialFinds.com

Only $20.00 per month!

*Some elements of our custom marketing program may not apply as various publications limit inclusion to properties priced over $500,000.

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