Straddling the Cle Elum River


Straddling the Cle Elum River – A Sacred Setting

True Connection

“Our relationship with this land becomes a microcosm of our global situation.”

This very rare and remote preserve straddles the glacial waters of the Cle Elum River at the base of the Goat Mountains and Davis Peak. Its powerful solitude and kinetic energy lie in the heart of the Central Cascade Mountains at an elevation of 3,184ft. It is the last privately owned land in the valley before entering Alpine Lakes Wilderness. From the highest point on the property, you have 360-degree views of panoramic mountaintops, expansive valleys, and a rugged river canyon with beaches, fish, and swimming holes. There is a waterfall, a creek, 2 freshwater springs, and 1400 ft of pristine mountain river water running through the middle.

360 Degrees of Astounding Beauty

You are surrounded by the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The Pacific Crest Trail runs along the backside of Goat Mountains above you. Accessed 4 miles up the valley is the trailhead to the Cathedral Rock-Deception Pass Loop. Revered as one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, this route offers a taste of some of the finest meadows, deepest lakes, and craggiest mountains in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.

The Enchantment Lakes Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Central Cascade Mountains are some of the most beautiful lakes in the western United States. They are within hiking distance of the property.

Natural Resources

In this small space on planet earth, we preserve precious things in danger. Water, our most needed commodity, is abundant like no other private place I have ever been. We are paying homage not only to the endangered and threatened creatures you see on this land but to the indigenous people that inhabited it first and revered it as sacred. They also are near extinction.

The river runs the length of the 13.8 acres and separates the property’s steep, mountainous west side from the road accessible east side.

A waterfall empties from an alpine lake 6,800 ft above you. A natural freshwater spring cascades into the river at the south end of the property.

Mountain goats sun themselves in the crags of Goat Mountains above you in winter. You may see Canadian lynx, marten, gray wolf, brown bear, bobcat, fox, coyotes, deer and elk, pica, and rabbits. 

Over time you will see river otters and mink. You can fish for native brook trout and salmon and witness amazing varieties of waterfowl and birds of prey. In July, you can look forward to being entertained by the showy western tanagers. You will see blue grouse, turkeys, and chuckers with their new babies trailing behind. 

The land is abundant with wild huckleberries, mushrooms, and medicinal plants. It is the home for western red cedar, hemlock, noble and Douglas firs, pines, and vine maples. Wildflowers are prolific in spring and summer.

Get Here by Helicopter!

There is a long flat-topped hill that runs down the middle of the land. It is a perfect helicopter pad. I’ve helicoptered into that valley myself, years ago, and know how easy it is to land there. 

Ultimate Year-Round Playground

There are 615 miles of backcountry trails and 700+ mountain lakes – the adventure comes to you. Fishermen come from around the world to fish these gorgeous Alpine Lakes. It is backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, and mountain bike heaven.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs along Goat Mountains above you.

Icy swimming holes, sandy beaches, and cascading waters run the length of the 1,400 ft of riverfront.

Kayakers navigate this Class 5 River in spring.

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are modes of transportation in winter.

This is sought-after horse country with several horse camps nearby and endless riding trails.

Accessibility and Local Resources

Your location is  5 miles off the grid

2 hours from Seattle 

2 hours, and 20 minutes from Sea-Tac airport

Perfect flat knoll for Helipad in the center of the land

14 miles to the Last Resort for gas, food, a bar, a restaurant, snowmobile rentals

23 miles to the famous historic Roslyn

Fully accessible by car in spring, summer, and fall months

Groomed for snowshoes, cross-country skis, fat-tire bicycles, or snowmobiles in winter                                      

Sky Link and Inland Networks can get you hooked up with internet

The Story of the Land

In 1999 I was directed to this mind-altering place via a 30-year dream. My first encounter took me to my knees. The more of its bounty I saw, the more I understood that even buying it with money did not give me the privilege to “possess” it. This was way “bigger” than me and there was obviously a more meaningful purpose in store. So, on my knees, at the top of the hill with 360 degrees of amazing mountain tops, I committed to the land to protect it.

Campers had left large swaths of surface area worn to the ground. As is the case with much of our country’s precious lands, this land suffered more than 100 years of first-hand destructive relationships. The miners tunneled through sacred burial grounds and mountains, polluted the glacial waters, and upturned the land by digging trenches in all directions. A logging company owned the land until 1968 when a private buyer took ownership and though it was now private property, it remained a favorite public campground for the next 31 years.

Healing Powers of the Land

For 24 years I have kept my promise to protect it to the best of my ability. A massive healing has taken place on the land, repairing itself with native greenery that was once worn away. Mosses that take up to 20 years to rejuvenate, now flourish and host the first winter wildflower, the Avalanche lily, in their protective masses. The trenches and upturned earth are now covered in their own unique topography. The intense kinetic energy of this place has renewed its ecosystem to its natural rhythms.

Building Opportunities

Low-impact activity and building methods are critical for this highly fragile ecosystem. Inspiration and excitement come in the form of the creativity needed to build visually integrated shelters that maximize the full experience of the wild. There are many off-ground building sites with unparalleled views.                                 

It is ideal as a spiritual sanctuary, solitary retreat, and eco-education center in all seasons.

Design/build consultation for low impact, off-ground structures, available, etc. 

Guided Tour

Guided tours will be arranged for qualified buyers.  The drive from Base Camp to the property is 40 minutes each way. The tour will take about 90 minutes.

Terms of Sale

This is a cash-only sale.

My greatest wish is to relinquish stewardship to an individual or group with a mutual vision for preservation/education. It is not available for commercial development.

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"Information deemed Reliable but not Guaranteed."

Price: $800,000
Address:Box 22
Zip Code:98940

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