Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes are all the rage and for good reason. 
Where city building lots are getting smaller and smaller and construction costs are getting higher and higher, this type of structure can take advantage of its small footprint and incredible strength and be stacked to achieve multiple stories and as much square footage as you like. 
Also known as conex homes, conex box homes, or cube homes, they are incredibly inexpensive to purchase. Building a stick-built or site-built home in much of the US costs approximately $150 to $350 per square foot and requires your frequent on-site supervision. Expect up to nine months, on average, for a stick-built home to be completed.
Modular-type homes are usually far better constructed than stick-built homes as they are “put-together” in a controlled, indoor environment. Usually, the manufacturer has a series of home plans and their employees are building the same plan repeatedly so there is less chance of mistakes. During construction, the homes are continuously inspected and when approved, they ship to you completed. 
If you are considering a container home, think ahead about the setting. Look carefully at picking a location where your ultra-modern design will fit best and can take advantage of the lot’s features. Generally, a container home won’t blend with more standard homes in more standard subdivisions. To make life easier, find a piece of land without restrictions or a homeowners association.    

It would appear that “Meka” is a stand-out in designing modular container homes with the strength of a shipping container but the flexibility to have more windows, doors, etc. has a nice feature on shipping container homes by Meka —

Meka modular container home

Courtesy Meka Modular Homes

Here’s more info on container homes from different designers —

Here’s a great blog from someone who built his own conex home a number of years ago. His story is a “Container Home 101”: 


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Exterior of the Tin Can Quonset Hut

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