Foreign Real Estate Buyers still see the USA as a good market however the market has dropped dramatically for Chinese buyers.

In 2019 foreign real estate buyers spent $77.9 Billion on residential properties. 

Why are Foreign Buyers Investing in the US?

The United States is seen as a stable environment for placing investments. Our legal, financial and real estate systems are mature and reliable.  By using escrow accounts in real estate transactions, a buyer’s funds are safely managed.  We issue titles on properties and then we insure those titles with title insurance.

We find foreign real estate buyers by advertising in these international online publications.

We offer the international buyer more than just home ownership, we offer ownership of the land on which the home sits. This is very attractive to foreign buyers as in many other countries, a buyer can buy a home, but they can’t buy the land beneath it.

The US also offers exceptional higher education. Our higher education system has always been thought of as the world’s best. The US is a magnet for the foreign real estate buyers offering business and job opportunities in the technology, biotech, and innovative energy fields, to name a few.  The US is recognized as the place to move to for knowledge, opportunity, freedom and wealth building.

Beautiful international city skyline where Foreign Real Estate Buyers come from.

Our global marketing strategy puts your property in front of international buyers.

Special Finds uses cutting-edge technology enabling your unique property to reach global buyers in addition to local buyers. US real estate is not just local. Ninety percent (90%) of searches are done online and show that an enormous population of buyers is coming from around the globe. You want to reach buyers who are International, National and Regional as well as Local.  

Special Finds combines state of the art technology along with creative and imaginative marketing campaigns to place your home in front of international buyers. Our results speak for themselves.