Curb Appeal — Getting a House Ready to Sell

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Before and After — Getting a House Ready to Sell

Curb Appeal is extremely important when you are planning on selling your house and getting it ready to sell.  To improve your chance of selling your property more quickly, and to make your house stand out from the crowd, it is imperative that before you call a Realtor, you spend some time focusing on your property’s curb appeal and getting your house ready to sell. 

A large part of a Buyer’s “Buying Decision” happens during the first few seconds at your property. Buyers will notice your curb appeal immediately.  Make sure they get a great feeling from the beginning. Look at your house and your property the way a buyer will see it.

Step 1:  Curb Appeal — Drive Up to Your Property

Take notice of how your property appears from the curb — “Curb Appeal”, or, if a buyer will be approaching on foot, look from that vantage point. –       Is the driveway in need of repair? –       Does the yard need to be mowed? –       Are there bushes that need to be trimmed or are there dead trees? –       Do you have a fence that’s broken, or a tilting or damaged mailbox?

Step 2:  Walk up to the house, and to your main entry.

–       Is your walkway in good repair? –       Are there trash cans visible? –       Does the door need to be painted. Is your doorknob rusty or out of style? Here are the 2021 styles! Does your door need to be repaired? –       Are your gutters running over and downspouts clogged? Adding potted plants or fresh flowers to your entryway or stairs always helps!

Step 3:  Open the door and look inside.

–       Does the doorbell work? –       Does the door lock and unlock easily? –       Does the door squeak? –       Are windows in the door or surrounding the door clean? –       Is the entryway floor, floor mat, or rug clean? –       Look up – are there cobwebs?

Step 4: Take a walk through your house

–       Are the windows and floors clean? –       Pillows should be fluffed, furniture dusted. The rooms should smell fresh – no pet or smoking odors!  If necessary, invest in a room ionizer to eliminate odors. Incense sticks can work miracles!

Step 5: Use my free checklist

Use a list similar to the following, starting outside and working inside. Break down things you notice into chores, and if available assign someone to complete them. Once you finish everything — with your curb appeal refreshed, and after you have taken all the other steps toward getting your house ready to sell, your property should look so good that you might have second thoughts about selling.  If that’s the case, it’s time to call your Realtor! To Do list to get the best curb appeal

Download Special Finds House Sale To-Do List as a PDF

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