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Tips on Selling a Metaphysical House

Selling a metaphysical house has unique challenges.  There are homes on this earth that hold a special calling. Often the location on which the property is located reaches out to the new owner.  Buyers may be attracted to an advertisement for the property but feel no connection to the setting.  When the right buyer comes along, it is important to allow them to “connect” rather than force or push for an offer.

Such is the situation with one of our Special “Finds…” listings at 1192 Rabbit Skin Road in Waynesvilleselling a metaphysical house sometimes requires waiting for the buyer to be called!This home has a history of “finding its next owner”.  Over the years this property has gained much worldwide attention. In its early years, it was the home of psychic, author and cosmic communicator Greta Woodrew. Acting as the corporate retreat for the founders of the Space Technology and Research Foundation (S.T.A.R.) it hosted many famous visitors from around the world.  Currently, it is utilized as a private, family residence.  These owners saw the property in a dream and felt such a strong calling that they relocated from Florida — no questions asked!  They later discovered that on the 23 acres were life healing crystals and a vortex that they were able to open.

If you own a property that you believe has a special calling, if you or friends are healed upon visiting the grounds, it is important to recognize that everything emanates from energy and by focusing on the “feeling” that the property is giving out, you may be able to allow the house to attract its next owner.

Calling on a higher force to find the next buyer can help. Walk the grounds, be quiet, meditate and notice any special sensations.  Your property has a soul that may have existed before you.  Tap into it by listening and feeling.



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