Buying a House Made Easy – Part 3, a Series about Home Shopping

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In the last post I covered “The Land Your House will Sit On”. Today I’ll discuss what you’ll be looking at “Right Outside Your Door”.

When home shopping, it’s important to take a broader perspective. Don’t get so caught up in the design of the house, that you forget to look at your surroundings.

Note: Since Special “Finds…” deals only  in unique homes and unusual houses, the items that I’ll focus on in this post will be broader than if you are looking for a house in a development. I’ll   cover in-depth the choices, or variables that you might need to make an upfront decision about. Thinking through the following questions will help   you fine tune what you are really looking for in your next real estate purchase:

Part 3)  Right Outside Your Door

Do you want your next home to be in a specific kind of community? As a home buyer, are outside activities important to you, and/or do you like to get involved in community activities?
  •   gated
  •   golfing
  •   artistic
  •   spiritual/holistic
  •   less populated area
  •   skiing
  •   fly-in
  •   waterfront
  •   retirement
  •   historic district
  •   farming
Do you want privacy?  What does privacy mean to you?
  •   do you like total isolation;
  •   neighbors within yelling distance; or
  •   neighbors next door, but you can’t see their house


While home   shopping, when you envision the house of your dreams, how does it look from the outside?
  •   quaint
  •   eclectic
  •   charming
  •   stately
  •   peaceful
  •   dramatic
  •   totally unique
  •   indescribable
 When home shopping, how you envision your home looking on the outside is often a reflection of how you envision your life.  During the home shopping adventure, notice how a certain type house design affects you.  This historic farmhouse is a sought after design when home shopping.
As you drive up to your house, how do you “see” your driveway? What does it look like?
  •   Are you okay with a driveway that goes steeply up or down?  (As you are home shopping,   remember that as a “home buyer”, there is a strong likelyhood that you will eventually be a “home seller”. Steep driveways can greatly impact your potential resale.)
  •   Do you mind sharing a driveway?
  •   Are you able to share in the cost of maintaining a shared road/drive?
 las predaras drive  An property entrance such as this one can instantly relax you during the home shopping experience.  Notice while you are home shopping that the entrance to a property makes a big difference in your expectations.
Of what material is your driveway constructed?
  •   Gravel
  •   Cobblestone
  •   paved
  •   Brick/pavers
  •   Concrete
  •   dirt
Do you want to see water from your house?
  •   broad fishing stream
  •   stocked pond
  •   river
  •   man-made pond
  •   small brook
  •   lake
  •   natural waterfall
Other than water, are views important to you? What kind?
  •   farmland
  •   of layers of mountains
  •   360 degree views
  •   sunset
  •   sunrise
  •   city lights
  •   ski slopes
  •   golf course
When you look out on your grounds, what do you see?
  •   manicured lawn
  •   shaded areas
  •   open pasture
  •   organic garden(s)
  •   huge trees
  •   grounds in natural state
  •   herb gardens
  •   specimen plantings
  •   low maintenance grounds
  •   formal gardens
  •   perennial gardens
  •   a greenhouse
  •   tool shed/barn
Do you need a fenced yard or area?
  •   total fencing
  •   partial fencing
  •   invisible pet fencing
  •   privacy fencing
  •   white picket fencing
  •   wrought iron gates
  •   chain-link fencing
  •   a fenced back yard
  •   cross-fenced pastures
In summary, as you are home shopping, knowing what you’re looking for makes the buying process more enjoyable for you, and enables your Realtor® to do a better job for you!Be sure to drop by tomorrow to read Part 4 of Buying a House Made Easy series, where I’ll focus on how you envision “Your Perfect House”.
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