Buying a House — Made Easy: A Series about the Home Buying Process

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This is Part 2 of the 4-part series:  Buying a House — Made Easy

The home buying process can be daunting, but doesn’t have to be!

In the last post, I covered  “The Kind of Area” best suited for you.  Today I’ll discuss the The Land Your House Will Sit On.
Note:  Since Special “Finds…” deals only in unique and uncommon real estate, the items that I’ll focus on in this post will be broader than if you are looking for a house in a development.  I’ll cover in-depth the choices, or variables that you might need to make an upfront decision about. Thinking through the following questions will help you fine tune what you are really looking for in your next real estate purchase:


Buying a House – Part 2 

The Land Your House Will Sit On

How much property do you want, or need?

  •   An acre is about the size of a football field.
  •   An open acre without trees, will appear visually smaller   than a wooded acre.  So if you’re   standing in an open field and think you need more acreage, reflect seriously   on the amount of work associated with maintaining open land.

        When you area home buying, a house out in the country, consider how much ground maintenance is required.

“When I was going through the home buying process, I   bought a farmhouse on 14 acres in Barnardsville, NC without recognizing that   I would need livestock, of some sort, to keep the grass down.  I purchased 10 Angora goats and 2 pregnant   cows.  The goats quickly turned into   35, the cows had calves.  I became a farmer!”
 When buying a house in a developed area, it's still possible to have privacy with trees. Consider this when home buying!
What kind of land do you want or need?
   If Open pasture land?
  •   Do you have horses, and need a barn appropriate   for horses, and fencing in place?
    • Are you   particular about the type of horse fencing?
    • Do you need to   be near trails?
    • Are you   willing to trailer your horse to trails?
    • Do you need to   be near a boarding stable?
  •   Do you have cattle or other livestock that require   special consideration, such as a natural water source?
  •   Do you plan to have a garden — large or small?
 Or, do you prefer:
  •   wooded acreage
  •   part open/part wooded
  •   low maintenance
  •   manicured grounds with specimen plantings or   Japanese gardens
Is the topography important to you?
  •   gently rolling
  •   hilly
  •    steep
  •   mountainous
  •  flat

In summary, when when involved in the home buying process, it’s very important to determine what kind of land is of interest to you, before you meet with your Realtor®.  Being able to explain that to your agent makes the process of buying a house more enjoyable for you, and enables your Realtor® to do a better job!

Be sure to drop by tomorrow to read Part 3 of Buying a House — Made Easy, a Series,  where I’ll focus on what you want see “Right Outside Your Door”.







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