Buying a House — Made Easy: 4-Part Series

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Buying a house requires upfront “mental legwork” — more than you realize. Unless you want to invest your time in riding around looking at properties of no interest, it’s very important to know what you’re looking for, and to be able to describe it, before you make the first call to your Realtor®.

Doing this will save you time, prevent lots of frustration, and even potentially save you from buying a house that you’ll regret later.

This is the first of 4, in a series to make you really “think” about your next property purchase.

Note: Since Special “Finds…” sells only unique homes and uncommon properties, the items that I’ll focus on in this post will be broader than if you are looking for a house in a development. I’ll cover in-depth the choices, or variables that you might need to make an upfront decision about. Thinking through the following questions will help you fine-tune what you are really looking for in your next real estate purchase:

Part 1) Buying a House — Made Easy


General store shopping may offer limited clothing selection! Buying a house in a remote area has its challenges, but is often very worth the choice.

General store shopping may offer limited clothing selection!

What Kind of Area Do You Want to Live In? Figuring out the type of area where you’ll be happiest is definitely challenging. Try to seriously answer the following:

• How many times a week do you eat out? Are 4-Star restaurants your daily fare?
• How far are you willing to drive for a quart of milk?
• If you’ll need to do renovations, how far is it to the hardware store?
• Are you willing to wear clothing available at the General Store, or are you a mall shopper?

What is important about your next geographic location?

• near a medical community
• close to churches & synagogues
• near horseback riding trails
• near restaurants
• near hike and bike trails
• near an airport
• near a major city • near Nat’l parks
• near shopping
• near ski resorts
• near rivers, lakes

Do you want your next home to be in a specific kind of community?

• gated
• golfing
• artistic
• spiritual/holistic • less populated area
• skiing
• fly-in
• waterfront • retirement
• historic district
• farming

Do you want privacy? What does privacy mean to you?

• do you like total isolation;
• neighbors within yelling distance; or
• neighbors next door, but you can’t see their house

In summary, knowing what you are looking for makes buying a house more enjoyable for you, and enables your Realtor® to do a better job!
Be sure to drop by tomorrow to read Part 2 of Buying a House — Made Easy: a Series.  Tomorrow, I’ll focus on the type land that interests you: “The Land Your House Will Sit On”.

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